How To Purchase WNT & MATIC From MEXC Exchange And Send To A Metamask Wallet

Wicrypt Network Token, WNT is the token that powers the Wicrypt network. It means that to participate in any network activity like creating a hotspot zone and mining WNT, you need to have WNT. We will be explaining how to purchase WNT from MEXC (CEX- Recommended) exchange platform.

Once you are done purchasing WNT, you can read how to send WNT to a Metamask wallet in the later part of this article and then how to stake here.

First, to buy WNT, you need to trade with USDT on MEXC exchange platform. If you don’t have USDT already, you can read how to buy USDT from the top 2 exchanges using the links below:

Read on how to get USDT from Binance exchange
Read on how to get USDT from Coinbase exchange (US users)

Once you have purchased USDT, follow the steps below to trade WNT on MEXC:

1. Create a free account using the link; complete your registration and other security steps required. Click on “Wallet” >> “Overview” >> “Hide small asset”.

2. Click the “Deposit” button on USDT row

3. Make sure you select “MATIC or POLYGON” (If using Binance) or “ERC-20” (If using Coinbase) network and then click “Generate address”.

4. Copy this address to the exchange (Binance or Coinbase) where you purchased the USDT and click ‘Withdraw/Send’. You can read more on how to withdraw a crypto asset from Binance and Coinbase by clicking on the respective text. Wait for some minutes for the transaction to complete and check your email for notifications.

5. Trade the USDT for WNT; put the unit price per WNT based on the market price, total amount of WNT and then click on the “Buy WNT” button.

Voila, you have bought your WNT, next step will be sending it out to a Metamask wallet and then staking the WNT.

Extra: You will need some MATIC to stake WNT and this is how to purchase MATIC on MEXC exchange.

1. Click on this link here.

2. Input the price per MATIC, total MATIC and then click on the “BUY MATIC” button.

How To Send WNT & MATIC From MEXC To Your Metamask Wallet

1. Click on the “Wallet” icon and then find WNT or MATIC row and click the “Withdraw” button.

2. Put your Metamask wallet address and the amount of WNT or MATIC token and then click on the “Submit” button.

3. Add WNT token to Metamask wallet using the contract addresses:
WNT Contract Address: 0x82a0e6c02b91ec9f6ff943c0a933c03dbaa19689.


Wait for a while and check if the token is in your Metamask wallet.

And that’s it!

Once you’ve confirmed your WNT is in your Metamask wallet, you can then proceed to stake on the Wicrypt network to earn up to 250% APR on your WNT.

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