How to Mine WNT Using A Wicrypt Hub

Now that you have purchased a Wicrypt hotspot hub, what’s next? You can start mining $WNT by creating a hotspot zone which users can connect to access the internet using their mobile phones, smart TVs, computers and other devices that can connect to the internet. Wicrypt goal, is to create a decentralized hotspot network, accessible to anyone and therefore reducing the cost of internet connection.

To create a hotspot zone and start mining WNT, you need to first stake at least $100 WNT, this is like a proof-of-stake on the Wicrypt ecosystem.

If you have your WNT ready to stake or staked already, you can then follow the steps below to set up your hub to start mining.

Follow the steps in the hub manual found on the product website page to register your hub as ‘a Business’ and then enable ‘ Business Mode’.

Set a billing rate for users who connect to your hotspot network. To do this, log on to your dashboard (, select your device, and set the rate at which users will be charged per GB of your data they use.

Get users to connect to your hotspot hub. There are several methods users can connect to a host hotspot — using the Wicrypt mobile app and using a voucher code from the host.

To connect with the Wicrypt mobile app, users need to download and sign up, then use the same email address and a ‘connection code‘ as shown on the screen below (Click on ‘connect to WiFi’ button on the app home screen). The host can also send a voucher code to a user’s email or phone number which can be used to connect to the hostpot.

Note: A user needs to fund the app wallet before connecting to a host’s hotspot.

Once users connect to your WiFi and use your internet over an extended period of time, your device will automatically mine WNT. The more people connected to your network, the faster your device mines WNT.

Check your WNT mining rewards by logging on to the Wicrypt dashboard ( and checking “My Explorer”.

Note: You must connect the same Metamask wallet account used for staking on the dashboard by clicking on ‘My Explorer’ and then ‘Connect Wallet’ before you can mine and see your rewards.

Click on “Connect Wallet”.

Select “Metamask”

Click on “Sign”.

Congratulations! You can now mine WNT and check your mining rewards.

To know how much WNT you can mine over a period, try out our WNT Reward Calculator.

If you get stuck while setting up your hub, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll respond with help as fast as we can.

Happy mining!

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