Understanding the Wicrypt Reward Model

You’re probably itching to understand how your rewards are distributed and how the mining model works. You may have asked various questions in time past, including: Why am I earning this? How are my earnings similar to that of a nearby friend? I have consumed a lot of data, yet […]

How to Mine WNT Using A Wicrypt Hub

Now that you have purchased a Wicrypt hotspot hub, what’s next? You can start mining $WNT by creating a hotspot zone which users can connect to access the internet using their mobile phones, smart TVs, computers and other devices that can connect to the internet. Wicrypt goal, is to create a decentralized […]

How To Stake WNT & Earn Up To 250% APR

In most crypto projects, staking is a way of storing funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to maintain the blockchain network’s security and functioning. Staking, simply put, is the act of securing cryptocurrency in order to get benefits. Staking on the Wicrypt network comes with tremendous rewards. Early users earn up […]

How To Set Up Your Billing Rate

Your billing rate is the rate at which your connected users will be billed per gigabyte of data they use. Here is how to set up your billing rate on the Wicrypt web app: Sign in on www.dashboard.wicrypt.com  Select “Devices” on your dashboard menu. On the Devices page, you will […]

How To Create Voucher For Your Guest Users

Owning a business account gives you the power to create vouchers, which you can give to people looking to connect. Here is how to create a voucher on your Wicrypt account using the Wicrypt web app: Log in to your account on www.dashboard.wicrypt.com    Click “Voucher” by the left hand of […]

How to Set Up A Business Account On The Mobile App

You can set up a business account on Wicrypt and connect even more people to your internet network. Here is how to set up a business account on the Wicrypt mobile app in quick, easy steps: Open your Wicrypt mobile app Select “Wallets” at the bottom of the homepage Tap […]